Elevate Your Ticketing Exprience with AI-Powered Ticketing

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Our ticketing solutions are equipped with user-friendly interfaces and robust back-end systems, offering an efficient way to manage support requests and enhance the customer experience.

Event Ticket Sales

Online ticket sales for various types of events, such as entertainment parks, concerts, conferences, sports games, and festivals.

Access Control:

Systems to verify tickets and control access to events, often using QR codes or barcodes.

Data Security and Compliance

Ensuring that all transactions and customer data are secure and compliant with relevant regulations.

24/7 Help & Support

Customer support services for both event organizers and attendees to resolve issues and answer questions.

About What We Do & Who We Are

CandB Connect is a technology company working towards the development of a scalable “ticketing management system” for zoological parks and entertainment parks. With a consolidated experience of over five decades, our young, dynamic, and Innovative team is our core strength.

Event Ticketing

Sell tickets online for concerts, Entertainment Park and more


Grow your business without worrying about ticketing infrastructure.


Offer a seamless ticketing experience on any device.

AI Analytics

Harness the power of AI-driven analytics to gain insights into visitors.